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What is Nature Intelligence?


NQ™, or Nature Intelligence, is how we can use our senses: sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell to engage with nature.  These physical connections enable our body and mind to connect with nature in new and meaningful ways that can help us achieve calm, balance, mindfulness. 

Forest Therapy is an internationally recognized form of eco-therapy utilized as a public health practice to improve one's physical and mental fitness.  Forest Therapy is a practical component of NQ™, or Nature Intelligence.  Forest Therapy walks provide a specific blend of complementary physical and mental exercises in a forest setting that can lead to a lower heart rate, a reduction in one's blood pressure and stress levels while, at the same time, strengthening an individual's immune system, breathing, and one's overall physical and mental fitness and agility.  A Forest Therapy walk also provides a participant with an opportunity for self-awareness and unique individual sensory discovery.  


2021_02 08 -  2021_02 - 5 Typles of Light  Diffused 0005-2_.jpg
2020_08 22 -  bee_-2_edited_edited.jpg
2020_08 22 -  bee_-2_edited.jpg

Touch earth's vibrations.  Embrace its energy.

2020_10 15 -  2020_10 - Intimate Landscapes 012_.jpg


Feel the universe against your skin.

2021_02 08 -  2021_02 - 5 Typles of Light  Diffused 0005-2_.jpg


Stop. Slow down. Observe. Look closely. 

2020_08 28 -  DSC_0425_.jpg

Can you feel the chill of winter's breath, or the warmth of a summer sun?

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