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Step one in the blending of eras. The lake house was built, and remains grounded in 1976. But to bring forward is a delicate balance. Everything is in pristine condition due to care and decades of solitude ensconced in the woods. My realtor suggests a complete overall; modernization to the extreme. Unlike the HGTV team who immortalized the Brady Bunch house, I hope to achieve more of a revitalization, retaining classic elements but contemporizing as needed. It was my home so letting go is both emotional and cathartic.

The house is literally 90% wood, 100% dark and compartmentalized: knotty pine walls and ceilings; hardwood floors, dark tiles, parquet, even a bath is paneled! Replacement costs would be through the roof; painting wood is a foreign concept for me. Rooms are segmented and closed off; there isn't an open concept; no opportunity for cathedral ceilings. But, step by step we peel back the ages and bring this home back to life allowing it to evolve from its limited status as a time capsule and personal memorial.

Today I discovered this beautiful sconce, on Wayfair. The colors are earthy, natural, like the themes in this house, like the '70's themselves. It will be my first piece in bringing light to the dark.

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